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all of them will work with a decent laptop of course

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i tried and tested this, and it works, plug in a usb mouse, then once you have your fruit machine showing and you can only see half the screen, then press ctrl, alt, and the right arrow on the arrow direction pad on the keyboard, now turn your laptop on to its left side so you can see the screen, you can now drag the bottom line of the fruit machine down to the bottom of the screen and play it, you must be aware that if your laptop uses the left hand side as an exhaust for the fan then you would have to use ctrl, alt, and left arrow, and then turn it on to its right side. also this will only work if the graphics properties option has the hotkeys ticked. (right click the desktop and left click properties now click graphics properties and tick hotkeys), and it will only work if it is a widescreen. and be carefull with any connections, when finished then press ctrl, alt, and the up arrow now its back to normal. i know all about computers but nothing about gaming machines.