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Spyder wrote: the "use nudge" button was still active on the money monsters machine, even when you had no nudges, then it would go into minus nudges and let you bring the jackpot in..

thisgs this simple dont happen in the "wild"
really !! I know of 2 machine that I found this fault on - one was a jpm, other was a BF machine in the old "smiley" cab - both would give 65536 nudges!! (which for the nerds out there is what happens when an 8 bit number "wraps round" - goes negative)
can't remember name of the bf game but it was based on fireworks iirc - gave JP and would then reset itself- had to be quick on the collect burton ;-)
+ everyone must know the jpm unit !

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What I'd like to see one day is a site whereby you pick your classic game such as Roller Coaster and then you go into a lobby with 100 machines, all individually compensated. You then choose a machine to play and you pick up the RAM from the server from where the last person left off. If all 100 units are being played then you'll have to wait for one to become available, or play something else. StarGames works a bit like this, except the games are random, and sadly I don't think compensated gaming is allowed over the internet; it always has to be randomly determined each game, with the the same chance of winning from one game to the next, and not based on previous play.

If these games were allowed one day then companies could simply redevelop their entire back catalogue of games and put them on. Then all you need is some safety-nets just in case a game can be manipulated somehow. It would be great fun to play some of the old classic games for real money. There could be system in place whereby the games' payouts are monitored and if the reflex drifts beyond a certain monetary value the game can be disabled and checked for problems. There could be a rule where all money won from the games is shown in the player's account but cannot be withdrawn for 48 hours to allow time for it to be verified, otherwise if there was a problem you could simply go round all 100 games in the lobby and burn them and then scarper.
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I like this idea alot , imagine checking 100 7 heavens for sticky starts lol.
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If you could "virtually" look over your shoulder and watch someone else play the 7 Heaven's, that would be cool.

We used to call "sticky", "pausing" down here in the sarf.

Also, if a player logged on to the online sites and consistenly won money, they would just get tapped up to become "testers" to help debug the machines. Sit at home, test machines and get paid more than trawling up and down the country chasing less and less palyables.
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