Cave man Cash

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Cave man Cash

Post by hankiepanky »

Played one similar to this and I cannot remember name,however I stumbled upon this one recently on a night out and really do like the machine overall,BUT when playing on 50p stake,as usual it does turn many features 'red',only problem being is..I don't know what majority of features are to begin with !
Landed on 'Reel Roulette' on one of last spins of the evening on red,so I have seen this feature before on other machines where red actually allows player to slow down sequence of lights,which is good when there are jp symbols in window,(which on this occasion there were 2 in view,so opted to collect feature,and was sorry I did,in this case all red was to offer a repeat chance slowed down (how very kind when it had landed on a cherry for £1),giving me a massive £2:00 win :(
Is there a manual for this particular machine available for download or to view anywhere ? So,at least if you do land on a feature you at least know what it is !
I have visited 'Reflex' website,no info. there really :(
Any info on this one be very much appreciated as always and thanks in advance chaps ;)
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Post by JG »

The manual won't tell you what the features do, it'll just be about setting up and servicing the machine.
The only ways to work out what all the features do are 1) play it for real and collect all the different features, 2) if you have someone you know who works in the place with it in, they may be able to put it in 'test mode' for you to try point one, but at no cost or your probable best bet, 3) download the reflex gaming app and play it for free on your iOS or Android based smart device.

It's a rare game standalone now, only one I know is Harris Amusements Skegness. I've still got a few of the old digi cabs with it on though.
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Post by logopolis »

Not one of the better Reflexes out there. This machine and also that Space Invaders themed one are bad games really. They don't seem to hold any value unlike Lady Luck for example.