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Thread: Extreme Games/Barcrest Manic Muncher information

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    Extreme Games/Barcrest Manic Muncher information

    Hi, I got this for a steal off ebay, 50, to put in the man cave. It's a right laugh and bit of a posh money box... Problem is... it didn't come with any manuals... user, engineer or anything. I've been replacing all the lamps that need doing to get it looking smart again, but would love to know a bit more about it, just how to empty it of cash would be a good start! Is there anywhere I can download manuals? Or would I need to contact the manufacturer? All help greatly appreciated... Ste

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    50 for that game. If you want it to look daper, then maybe you could have your taylor bling it up. Perhaps some truffle oil. Or maybe, Joanna Lummly ( spells yeh) could give it a voice. Crap game. Manuals are available sure some1 will help.

    Btw you forgot your mannners


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