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Thread: Tuppenny Chance Club Prize Key Help

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    Tuppenny Chance Club Prize Key Help

    So I've just purchased a tuppenny chance club fruit machine
    It did not come with a prize key so I purchased one from eBay
    Now the machine has dil switches for setting the percentage and has two key slots also
    One for percentage the other for stake / prizes.
    Now the manual states that the jackpots can be set at 75,100,150,200 and 250
    With the stake fixed at 2p per play.
    I have followed the instructors in the manual to set the jackpot at 250 yet nothing happens
    I've also tried to set the other jackpots and nothing happen.
    The machine seems stuck on 75 pounds jackpot.

    If anyone can help me with this problem I would be most grateful


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    on club machines, the dil switches on the board usually change the jackpot/ price of play.

    but if its 2p per play, i reckon its not possible to up the jackpot

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