Hi all

I have a Barcrest Pacman Power up machine and i am looking into getting it compatible with next years new pound coin.

I have been put onto a place where they can maybe update my existing coin mech...and here is the email i have got back from them

Would you be able to email us a picture of the coin validator sat in it’s cradle then we can advise accordingly. If we can update it it will be cheaper for you to send it to us but we do need to know what coin mech it is first."

The thing is i am a complete novice when it comes to stuff like this...i know this might sound really basic but is the coin mech the thing directly behind the door that you put your money in?

I just need to know what exactly im taking a picture off so they can check if they can do the job?

Also...and i guess this is later on down the line, how easy is it to take apart to send off to them?

If anyone has a pic of what i should be looking at etc, otherwise i guess i will just open the machine up and take a lot of pics and hope i get lucky! :-)

Thanks all !!