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new pound coin 2017
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Thread: new pound coin 2017

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    new pound coin 2017

    so how will the new pound coin affect coin mechs and hoppers.

    think its due out march 2017 and has 12 sides to it

    just wanting a heads up on what to expect as will affect machines we have or are thinking of buying

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    What support is available to manufacturers/operators of coin handling equipment?

    The Royal Mint has made samples of the new 1 coin available to manufacturers and operators of coin handling equipment in order to allow for the testing, development and implementation of equipment upgrades, in readiness for the launch of the new 1 coin in 2017.
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    the coin is roughly the same size as the current 1, so existing hoppers will work fine.

    compatable coinmechs are available now

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    what about older machines like my 1993 big breakfast,can i make that accept the new coin


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