hi all.
new to the forum and a complete newbie to machines so hoping for some guidance please.
ive a hi lo poker machine that's all it says on it. fitted with a universal mk2 hopper. I filled manually by tipping about 40 pound coins into hopper. all was going well. first problem came when putting in silver coins. it fired up call attendant and credits went to 16. so reset using refill key thinking must be coin mech use pound coins only as seems to be only certain silver coins.
all good using pounds only however
now its saying hopper problem. so again refill key and hit cdown like I was shown and should clear it. was clearing it but not now. it says hopper problem try hopper level or refill. then this time if I hit refill instead of codown it says level and mech refill or auto refill. auto refill does nothing mech refill takes me back to start.
I did notice pounds when put in for credit went straight to cash box. if I leave on the screen mech refill and have key in and put pound in it drops to hopper and that clears this problem. only thing is mech refill counter goes up as does level counter with each coin I put in.
currently sitting at level 0416 mech refill 0100 auto refill 0000.
do I need to reset this if so how. not sure how to do hopper dump either if that would clear it
thanks for taking time to read.