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    mmm you could have made an interesting story if you did lose 34k?!
    Going skint....

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    The details are deliberately hazy in my mind.

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    I just think online companies are literally exploiting the lawlessness that is apparent on the cyberspace gambling front. Ridiculous offers, designed to get you hooked!

    My cheat I found on a certain very well known online casino has created customers who have NEVER deposited a penny who they actually believe are serious high roller punters! Literally these people I made up got something they should never have got and played with it.... One of them got up to 4,000 cash, fully withdrawable but he didn't exist so fat chance of getting that out. The point is, they STILL think these are real customers, they've never thought to say "Hang on, how the fuck did he have money in his account if he's never deposited before?!" That's how thick they are, just determined to hook people and keep them hooked!

    People with real accounts would have got a nice few quid to gamble with and I would have happily told anyone if I wasn't such an outcast on here!

    Before anyone asks, it only worked on 1 day and it won't work anymore. So don't bother asking!
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    Why do you think I was suddenly promoted to VIP level on Ladbrokes the morning after I'd won 23K off a 120 bet in 2010?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbles View Post
    is there much difference between calling someone a garlic smelling frog to a curry smelling little paki Ruler? serious double standards you seem to have. if you want serious discussions leave all name calling and other insults out.
    I just said frog!

    Curry smelling little paki? They'd probably be more offended by 'little'. Curry smelling? You mean people who go around smelling curry? Who does that?

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    I think I might open an Online Casino.

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