This is my perspective and having recently spoken to a prominent figure within the industry my reasons although valid constitute to only a small part for the decline though I think that most of you will agree with my points.
In retrospect the decline seems to have been initiated by the HMRC and the Gambling Commission (see the latter could be described as little more than a quango paying mere lip service to concerns over gambling and looking for a part of the industry where it could no doubt administer a severe kicking with little fuss generated in return as the SWP sector is a minnow dwarfed by other elements within gaming . By having a go at the SWP sector many jobs have been lost and the shrinkage must have affected the revenue stream to HMRC.Perhaps we should endeavour to make our views known to the Gambling Commission directly.
From Wikipedia 'The Gambling Commission has come under fire for not preventing the spread of fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on the high street. Their spread is linked to the transfer of responsibility for planning permission for bookmakers moving from the Gambling Commission to local authority'.
I personally don't have a problem with people losing all their money on these terminals, if FOBT were heavily regulated it would be a nanny state and people should not go looking to blame others for their problems and take some personal responsibility. However its odd that the Gambling Commission has dragged its heels when looking at FOBT yet acted years ago against SWP's. How many people have you come across that have lost hundreds of pounds if not thousands in a single day on a SWP located at their local hostelry?
The Government is determined to get its snout in the trough though.
yet at the same time want to limit adverts for gambling

My 'report' has been submitted to a publication for inclusion and so may appear in altered form in future. I welcome constructive comment that will no doubt be heading my way shortly!