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Thread: Bored & Frustrated

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    Bored & Frustrated

    Lost interest in pub machines. Any games you lads recommend in amusements?

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    Lost in the outback, Bryan
    Stay out of them would be my suggestion. You'll get lured into the 'random' games and that is a slippery, slippery slope!
    "And do you ever contradict yourself, Minister?" "Well, yes and no..."

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    toni& guy offer free cuts if you book it in

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    It's grimmm up north
    No one going to relieve Becky's frustration then?
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    Sure Becky has acquired some tips with this approach

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    Typical gentlemanly conduct here but she's asked for those sorts of comments with the title she gave this thread. Not my cup of tea, needs to look less 'cute and smart' and more 'I'll devour you from head to toe' if you know what I mean.

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    Lucy Pinder 6
    Keeley Hazell 9
    Michelle Marsh 7
    Emma Frain 9

    Those are the last glamour girls I remember.

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    Oh, then there was Abi Titmuss (who a mate of mine affectionately called Abi Titwank) and Sophie Howard.. 7 and 5.

    There are no 10s. Ever.

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    I don't think my 4am coffee was a very good idea anymore...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruler of The World View Post
    Lucy Pinder 6
    Keeley Hazell 9
    Michelle Marsh 7
    Emma Frain 9

    Those are the last glamour girls I remember.
    Not sure who these girls are Ruler, but they sound a little young for me.

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    LOL! Seasoned lads mag whores! Ratings out of 10, not ages!

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    I think Becky should elaborate on why she posted with this title. Surely it's more of a dating app title!?

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    Her only 'saving grace' is that she said 'in amusements'....after 'any games you lads recommend' LOL

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    hi becky,i could sort out your bordom and frustration one way or the other.on a professional level of course


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