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Thread: Looking to buy an old school machine

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    Looking to buy an old school machine

    After many years of promising to do it I've finally cleared out the garage and I'm turning it into a games room and I had the inspiration to get one of the classic machines of my youth. Due to that youth being something of a blur between ages 17-21 I've had to do some research but I'm lookng for something like:

    Italian Job (Original one)
    The Simpsons
    Great Escape
    Snakes and Ladders (the one with the Sands of Time feature)
    Maverick (this is the one i want the most)
    Big Banker
    Big 50
    Big Break
    Give Us A Break
    Donkey Kong
    Crystal Maze

    No doubt I'm forgetting a load of other classics as well but I'd love to get one of those machines set up for when I get some of my old mates around to play some darts.

    Would be pretty amazing to get a 777 Heaven machine too.

    I live in the Suffolk area (bury st edmunds).

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    Sent you a pm mate.

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    You'll struggle to find a Maverick I know a fella who's been looking for years for one.


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