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Thread: Reel 1 Opt Fault - Global Carry on Clubbin

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    Reel 1 Opt Fault - Global Carry on Clubbin

    Hi All - looking for some help with a global carry on clubbin. When powered on I get reel 1 opt fault error message. When powered the reel freezes and refuses to spin. When powered off it does spin freely and there are no obstructions.
    I've switched the reels but the error remains on reel 1.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers

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    Reel driver board is duff I'd imagine mate. That's where I'd start by changing that. You've done the testing in terms of swapping the reel so that rules out the reel itself. It could be the main mpu but I've had similar issues and it was the reel driver board.


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