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Thread: mpu 6 driving me insane HELP

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    Exclamation mpu 6 driving me insane HELP

    Have recently acquired mpu 6 machine which has an iou message was planning on just resetting the machine to clear but there isnt a reset function (if im wrong please advise)like on mpu 4/5. Having looked everywhere for solution ive found 2 ....remove battery which seems to have mixed results from corrupt memory, loss of game programme to fixing problem. The other way is to feed machine until counter hits 0 which would be fine if it wasnt for over 200 could take a while lol, any advice on fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated. Have experience with slot machines as worked in bookies for 10 years but as far as electrical knowledge im a complete novice so "dummy terms" please. Hope someone can help as its taking over my life searching for solution

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    if you turn off the machine and then hold the "enter" button on the mpu6 then power up your mpu will say "test routines" on the lcd display, use the up and down buttons to get to "test ram" then press enter, then the machine will do a partial ram clear, then should clear your bank, power cycle machine then all should be good...


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