I presume you all know, but these have huge streak potential,the Casino Crazy Fruits, a 4 player LO tech (similar of a Party Time Arena). Punted one today, and with amazing, extremely rare luck I caught one streaking. Basically holding 3 times for 3 keys to start a win streak or holding 3 times for a fruit win and then the unit went up on the top reels. I had 3 holds on a key streak for 5 then immediately after The machine went up on to the top reels, 10's 15'S etc etc, made around 80 in all, on a 5 Jackpot LOL. Just another lesson learned, almost all machines pay out (streak) a high amount in one go/close together and my lesson, I need to realise and learn machines pay in streaks and close together, instead of thinking a machine is going to streak it's nuts off after a single Jackpot on 5, I say if no more wins have paid within 3 then the machine is not stresking, but we all know gambling is gambling and you just never know with the flipping machines LOL.