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Thread: Neptunes fortunes

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    Neptunes treasures

    Hi all
    Just on holiday in sunny skeggy and went in to the pier this afternoon.
    Decided to go on neptunes treasures 500 jackpot as I have never been on it before. Started with 4 in it and got 3 scatters for 15 free spins, third spin drops pick me in got 2.50 but the gold pot was next to it, gutted
    Anyway spin 14 dropped 5 scatters in and gave me 25. I ended up with 75 spins in total and 162. I banked 140 and gambled the rest and ended up winning 192 in total. Not a bad return for 4
    I managed to get a short video clip but really wanted to film it all but was worried it would get frowned upon?
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    I wouldn't recommend filming in an arcade personally. Gives them an excuse to ban you.
    You put a lemon to shame, you bitter cunt.

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    No phones allowed in Skeggy Pier cash area pal... Not even for a cheeky update on facebook... The swines

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    Skeg is serious in season

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    dearam cafe
    Skeg pier *27 *41 *39 back to the car


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