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90s club machine
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Thread: 90s club machine

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    90s club machine

    hi guys a long shot but im looking for a bandit i used to play in a club

    it was all to do with the bars green ones yellow ones they all added up to let u on the feature the more bars u had the better the feature. u would press the holds when in the feature to select what feature u wanted if it was no good feature u pressed cancel and pushed the holds in a difrent sequence for a better feature and it also had a panel on the front with money all in a row with 20s 50s and pounds and if u got that feature a snake appeared and went round the money and the snake got shorter and faster the longer u took to press stop on the money any ideas ppl

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    Sounds like Pharoahs Gold? Not sure when it first came out, but they were around as recently as 5 years ago.
    Oh good, another Reflex.

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    It could be that or cash on the nile


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