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Thread: Blackjack

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    I've played this game for years and it annoys the hell out of me. I've played it more online than in real casinos and it's so hard to win I find it impossible to believe the odds stated are true.

    I came up with a way to play which is good when you get good cards and stops you getting smashed to pieces if you hit a bad patch but getting those good runs is very difficult.

    The method goes that you have a certain bank worth at least 50x your initial stake (should be a lot more really) and then choose your stake. As an example I'll say 1000 bank. Initial stake is your initial bet and your unit stake. So you begin with 20 as your first bet. If you win you add 20, win again, add another 20 and so on until you hit not 1 but 2 losers in a row in which case you immediately drop your stake back to unit stake. This prevents you from chasing losses on a losing run and wiping yourself out. Obviously it is annoying when you drop your stake and get blackjack on the next game...

    This method seems sensible and works in practice better than any other method I've heard of but it is still not good enough for me to win anything!

    Does anyone think they know a better method? Just a way to stay even for a while would be good, to fulfil the bastard casino wagering requirements.

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    Blackjack Info (.com) + a time machine. Go back to circa 2000 when the wager requirements were x3 on a 100 deposit match. With perfect strategy, long term you'll ship around 2% of the 600 total play through, leaving on average an 88 profit per casino.

    Nowadays, Blackjack info (.com) and accept that it'll be a bloody miracle to make it through the wagering requirements with any money still intact.
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