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Free demo's on Sky Vegas Fruitie fun for free for a change
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Thread: Free demo's on Sky Vegas Fruitie fun for free for a change

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    Free demo's on Sky Vegas Fruitie fun for free for a change

    ooh first post I think,

    Am having some fun with the emulators on Sky Vegas in demo mode, pretty much gave up gambling years ago but noticed all the controversy about FOBT's in the bookies and all these new fangled touchscreen machines so thought I would see what all the fuss is about. I still have the odd bet on the national though or a try on the odd pub machine if am out and about.

    Sky Vegas seem to have a good selection of the latest slots that run in your browser rather nicely am playing one atm that even has a knock off of a pie gamble, I would post a link but am sure you will find it and I dont know if links are allowed on here. Some of the features and cashpots are missing though I think as I can't hit a pot feature on the Rainbow riches machine despite hitting every other feature that version is said to offer on the site.

    May also be handy for some of you regular players to check a few slots you haven't tried before.

    Currently trying the Gold Strike slot there on auto play at 20 a spin in demo mode as the features and bonuses are amusing. Can't seem to get the hang of the Aliens one though it does look more interesting than some of the 'Easy play' machines.

    Anyways nice site you have here, just thought I would say hi as much as anything else.

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    Greetings. The pie gamble slot is Win Big Shindig, you can only gamble 5 times though.


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