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Thread: Bet365 Fail

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    Bet365 Fail

    Hey all,

    Long time no post (pretty much left the fruits a good few years back, but still enjoy the odd footy punt). Had ten sheets in my Sports account - been there for a few months and it was fluctuating between 5 and 15 - so not really going anywhere. Bugger it, Casino, lump it all on red 3 times in a row, CoB style. Wins!! Go to withdraw. Sorry son, you have un-played bonus credit that you must play before you can withdraw: 445!!!!!

    DAFUQ? I took no bonus offer - I did the online version of walking into Saddlebrokes and chucking a tenner in the FOBT and wanted to collect my winnings.

    Chatted to the 'very kind' on-line help bint and was stolidly told the same.

    So - depositing a tenner requires me to play off 500 quids worth of gambling before I can withdraw? How the puddings can that be the case?

    Only a tenner, but the fact that I got it from 10 > 20 > 40 > 80 would have mean I could've been a bit more frivolous with my footy bets come this weekend.


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    I got an email from Ladcrooks telling me if I don't start using their account again they'll start charging me! Outrageous. Wish I'd never signed up.


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