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Thread: Bonkers! Fruit machine - change credit cost and win %

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    Talking Bonkers! Fruit machine - change credit cost and win %

    Hi there

    Dont know how easy this is to do, this game (BONKERS!) is the first machine I have personally owned, I want to change it so that the credit cost is 25p instead of 10p and also lower would like to know how to change the win percentage too for future refrence. I called red gaming and they just said 'we dont provide support to private customers' and that I should go down an arcade and wait for an engineer to turn up and try to coerce him back to my home to do it, which im obviously not going to do.

    Ant help would be appreciated, bare in mind im a complete novice so leymans terms please!

    Thanks in advance!

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    try to obtain an owners manual from ebay, theres alot in them to help u.

    It maybe done by switches inside the machine. switch one and then turn it on and see what changes

    Just remember to write down what there all set to now
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