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Probably a Q for Blackmogu lol
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Thread: Probably a Q for Blackmogu lol

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    Probably a Q for Blackmogu lol

    Are the "reels" on casino slots actually set in order? ie is it the same sequence every time or is it just totally random how they fall? It just occured to me tonight, I just assumed they were in sequence but I suppose it is possible they are totally random.
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    i think they're in an order but they are have a lot more symbols than a proper reelband. one reason for this may be to stop 2 different features coming in at the same time.

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    Videos can have 64 on each reel, I believe.
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    On barcrest and astra 500's - the reels change on certain spins - full screen roll in on astras..... and ful strips of JP symbols for no win on barcrests. These means they are neither random or set in order. It gives a screen in line with the RNG result. I would of thought casino games work the same way - presumeably barcrests 4k Rainbow riches does.


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