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Thread: Why Blackjack is such a horrible game...

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    Why Blackjack is such a horrible game...

    If you play alone, the cards are always shit.

    If you play with other players, they're all a bunch of cunts. Never consistent, cannot stick to basic strategy.

    If you start winning and playing bigger, some cunt will come along and fuck you over, SOMEHOW.

    Know-it-alls splitting 10s, anything vs a bust card, when will they realise there is no guarantee what is going to happen if you do that??? If you split 20, you're throwing away an almost certain to win hand for the sake of what????????

    If all of the above doesn't go wrong, SOMETHING else will.

    And all that for a game where you get a maximum payout @ just 6/4!

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    Virtually everthing you say above is incorrect. What other people do does not impact your long term chances. Depending on the rules the house edge can be less than 1% with precise mathematically correct play. And of course with a counting strategy the player can have a small edge.
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    The thing that annoyed me about playing blackjack tables with others is when they would hum-and-haw over hands like soft 16 against a 9 etc., where everyone knew they'd take a card, but would spend 3 minutes deliberating over it.
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    There's lot of opportunities these days to play alone online with either a live dealer or a computer. Or go to a casino in the quiet afternoon hours (evenings tend to be busiest) and you might get the chance to play alone. Or move to a higher limit table. The higher the minimum, the less players (typically).

    I had great success with blackjack in the UK (the rules are some of the most player favourable in the worldwide, outside of single or double deck Las Vegas rules), and yes, I had good runs of cards and bad runs. I never worried about what other players did or did not do. In the long run, all that mattered was how I played my own hand. That's statistically proven too in many forums. Bet, play, take your chances, win or lose. That's the gamble.

    Out of all of the casino games, Blackjack is the one I enjoy playing most (and get the most success with). The low house edge with perfect play makes it a great game to consider. Baccarat would be a close second for me. Forget playing ANY casino game with an edge of 2.5% or more... that's just suicide.
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    Yeah ,Black jack was a horrible game,I was just talking about the rules and variations across the table and how it affects the house advantage.The black jack game with the house edge greater than half a percent then it is said to be bad game .I really surprise that these horrible games have one common rule which they will pay 6-5 for a black jack instead of 3-2 ...In order to overcome these problems we have notice each of the player....
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