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Thread: Ladcrooks key bet roulette

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    Ladcrooks key bet roulette

    Has anybody seen this?

    Works similar to lucky8. Separate "pot" when you land on the 38th number called key bet. Only pays pot when a pre spun wheel lands on "pot". Other sections are x20 x25 x30 x35 x40 x45 x50. If it lands on key bet, whatever stake you have pays x that number.
    Pot pays pot irrespective of amount placed on key bet.

    Difference to lucky8 is obviously less numbers but also you have to have an amount placed on key bet to win. There is also a minimum stake of 5 to be placed. Im sure someone will work out what pot will have to be on to see if odds become in your favour....

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    Is anybody going in for these over 3? other than me and OB :p


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