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Thread: Pints Make Prizes

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    looking over your shoulder

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    Has to be one of the most annoying features installed in this new update.

    Playing PMP as I always do and the game now frequently disappears on the new Paragon version. Fair enough if I have a really good couple of gos and get 14-20 quid out of it but yesterday was in the Trent Bridge Spoons which I haven't visited for over a year, put in 50p, got up to 3 quid on my first go and off it just went without any chance to build momentum.

    It occasionally happened on the older versions but the game would eventually return, usually with the new update so guess I'll have to wait 6 months-year now on a few machines although some don't put PMP back on it at all...

    It's a shame though, not just for me but from my experience PMP is generally a very popular game to play for a group of mates and a casual punter so with Games Warehouse seemingly happy to just let it disappear off many of its menu lists the end is pretty much here now...

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