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23-10-2006, 07:53 PM
Just a general thing about decent potential venues - had 5 days at Butlins in Bognor Regis (yes - I know - I had dreams once) last week - 7 IT boxes that I found, all of which which seemed well disposed towards paying out (top score in Word Up c.1,100; WWTBM at 4k in one machine at least).

Couple of machines had probs paying out/misaligned screen, but, I'd have thought, decent payouts for someone who knows their games.

Found a couple of machines in BR town as well which gave me the impression that there were no hard-core players down there...

24-10-2006, 03:28 PM
bognor eh? i have no idea where that is.
seems a sound assumption though, a lot of the throughput in places like butlins is probably from disillusioned teens, too young to afford their own holidays but too old to be seen dead with mum and dad. when they are not furtively stealing alcohol from the minibar they are probably furtively stealing fivers from mum's purse and there is only so many twixes you can eat from a vending machine so the money goes into fruits and SWPs.
with no disrespect to the spotty oiks, they won't know nearly enough to win consistently and the next week another batch of holidaymakers comes along to do exactly the same so the operators make money and the machine meets its %age by throwing free wins at people who don't deserve them. i have obseved similar phenomena in places like brighton and bowling alleys, it is like departure lounges; you have to do something for three hours so the people who rent the premises fill them with machines, everyone's a winner (operators financially and punters because they don't have to scratch their arse for ages.)
the reason nobody who is any good plays them is that the entrance fee to get into the place costs more than a half of bitter.

n.b. i have never been to a butlins so am monumentally unqualified to have made any comment. just time-rich this afternoon.

24-10-2006, 04:09 PM
Nearest I've been to a Butlins was Center Parcs, and there were a fair few AWPs there, but the only quizzer I could find was an old WWTBAM standalone. So I spent all my cash on Outrun 2 instead... ;)

24-10-2006, 05:22 PM
Center parks is a goldmine for gamblers...

Sherwood forest had the old bullseye that was regularly wanting 201/301 for 1...

Went to Whinfell forest this year, and there were no less than 3 machines, 2 with the old bullseye being more than generous, and one with the new version, that usually required about 3 correct answers before the bully bonus took you straight to the end game.

Also it had a cabin fever that was always worth a play... even had a wheel of wealth that was very profitable(bet no one thought they'd hear those in the same sentance) by just collecting mid sized wins.

If you ever find a red machine.. jump for joy :).