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22-08-2006, 08:26 AM
Am I the only person out there that is very cynical about this programme.I once saw a SKY programme about how the programme is made and saw that the questions are not written in stone (I know they are on a screen! )and are open to manipulation by the programmers that are situated at the back of the studio.Examples include (1)one million pound winner did not have a question on sports/tv/pop music subjects they are likely to be weak at.I'm not having a go at them you can only answer questions you are faced with and I would definitely not got the last question.I think its B or D ,A and C go.Ask the audience-early programme which french place was Concorde developed in?Around 85%knew the answer was Toulouse! Similarly last weekend after 50/50 Richard and Judy asked audience for Q. like the International Womans Conference was held which month January or March.How the hell did 90% of the audience know that. Were they all delegates? Correlation level of phone calls / difficulty of questions They should admit it.!

Ernest W. Quality
22-08-2006, 11:53 AM
Clear fraud, but it's the charity version.